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Have a blast with your mates

Enjoy your last day of freedom with your mates and have a wild time at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports. Divided into two combat teams, you’re given a challenging battle campaign. After the siren starts, all hell breaks loose with loud apocalyptic helicopter sounds and rapid heavy gunfire. The low-lit urban battlefield is a haven for enemies lurking behind car wrecks and large drums. Experienced snipers pick off players one by one hidden on upper platforms and in sandbag bunkers.

After two exhausting battles, you stop for a drink break, and the Field Marshall will brief both teams on the next mission giving you five minutes to plan winning strategies and tactics to outwit the opposing group.

We provide a choice of bright outfits to stand out for the hunt or bring your own unique attire and save a few paintballs for the buck at the end of the day.

Being only 20 minutes from Adelaide city makes us an extremely popular venue, you can have a quick two to three-hour session before dashing off to other activities.