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The ultimate team building experience

Reward your corporate team with a fun and exciting paintball event at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports in Adelaide. Paintballing is a fantastic way to create comradeship outside of the workplace setting. Welcome a new member to the team, or bring together different departments in the one game. In a game of paintball, there is no employer-employee hierarchy, and it helps everyone to have a good time.

  • Christmas Party Breakups
  • End of Financial Year
  • Small Conference Facility (for up to 60 people)
  • Reward Your Employees for Achieving Goals
  • Social Clubs
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Trade Days

As well as being fun, an activity such as this can facilitate the learning of skills valuable to your business. It can teach thinking on your feet, communication, creative strategy and teamwork. Natural leaders will emerge as everyone gets out of their comfort zone.

Whether it is a team building exercise, corporate retreat or just a fun day out, we know your group will talk about their amazing, heart-pounding adrenaline experience at Indoor Paintball Skirmish Sports for months after. Keep the catering easy by getting pizza delivered in or book a table at one of the various hotels in the historic Port Adelaide.